A representative from Green Acres Landscaping, most likely the owner Dave Arnold, will come to see you at your home for an initial free consultation.

Green Acres realizes that the most important aspect of any landscaping project is what the homeowner wants incorporated into their landscaping project. Green Acres will work with the homeowner to implement the homeowner's ideas into any landscaping project. Working with the homeowner's input, we can design the plan on site, by painting the key elements of the project on the ground. This technique works very well for those clients that cannot picture the project they have in mind.

Green Acres has come to work closely with a number of qualified landscape designers. Green Acres will work closely with the homeowner and the designer to ensure that all elements of the landscaping project, desired by the homeowner, are addressed. After the design is finalized, Green Acres will then give an itemized bid proposal to the homeowner to complete their landscaping project.

By having the proposal itemized, the homeowner can the see cost breakdown of the landscaping project. After reviewing the proposal, the homeowner and Green Acres may enter into a signed contract. Then it is time to get started on your landscaping project that will provide the homeowner with a quality finished project in a timely manner.

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