Fences Make Good Neighbors


First, as a physical barrier, a fence prevents any unwanted attention from neighbors or passersby by restricting the view of your property. It also adds security from wrongdoers or anyone to see your home as a target. Additionally, if you’re in the countryside, fencing keeps any wild animals out.

Second, as a clear property boundary, your fence will prevent any accidental trespassing. It keeps your pets or young children in, and keeps them from trespassing into your neighbor’s property. You’ll also be able to prevent potential accidents such as tripping over your neighbor’s equipment, or dog bites.

If you already have a fence but your home is at an area that’s prone to damages, such as falling branches or any other debris, we can fix it for you. Or if your existing fence is not sturdy enough, we’ll upgrade it to match your requirements.

Fencing allows you to:

Protect the privacy of your home from outsiders.

Set a safety perimeter for your home–especially for your children and pets.

Types of Fencing



Wood fences are a cost-effective option. When considering a wood fence, please be mindful that this material needs to be maintained to enjoy a longer product life. We recommend regular power washing to maintain desired appearance. We use all #1 grade, pressure-treated wood and screws (versus nails) for installation to provide a more durable, long-lasting fence.



Vinyl fencing is another durable option that offers a clean, white look and requires less maintenance to wood alternatives.

aluminum fencing


This variety of fencing is the most durable and requires very little maintenance. Typically, this type of fencing is used for more decorative purposes due to its aesthetic appeal.

Landscape Privacy Fencing

If you don’t need a firm perimeter, think about adding shrubs or trees to create a soft fence-line around your property. Often large privacy trees, such as Leyland Cypress or Green Giant Arborvitae, offer the privacy needed without a formal fence.

We build it because you need it. Keep your borders intact.

Let Green Acres help you select the right style of fencing for your needs.

Schedule a free estimate so we may assess your needs or provide us with your perimeter specifications and we can provide a rough estimate over the phone.

Select the type of fence style. You may visit our garden center on 12424 James Madison Parkway in King George to see a variety of options.

Sit back and let the Green Acres team do all the work.

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